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Discover diverse tourism products with Abeam Safaris in Uganda. We arrange tours including gorilla safaris, birding, nature / guided walks, wildlife game viewing, mountain climbing, religious tours, cultural tours and other guided Uganda tours. We ensure that the client has a memorable safari while touring with Us.

We are an indigenous owned company; our strength is derived from the qualified and experience managers who have been in the Tourism Industry for the last fifteen years. Our services are cost effective and cater for your all categories of Safaris needs ranging from Budget, Medium and top of the range class. We tailor our Safaris; let our clients directly participate in planning the safari.

Aberdare National Park

Created in 1950, Aberdare National Park is located in the Central Highlands. The atmospheric park offers a kingdom surrounded by Mist where Elephant’s roam through lichen hung forests, Spectacular water falls plunge into pools and have trout filled streams. The Landscape is made of moorland, peaks and forest of the Kinangop Plateau in the South and the Salient rain forest in the East.

Species: The most popular animals here are the elephants and buffaloes, but you can also find the black rhinos, antelopes, black servals and black leopard.

Activities: Game drives day/night and visits to viewing platform at the Chania Falls and Karura Falls.

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