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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru an alkaline lake 62 kms in extent; It was gazetted in 1968 as a national park, both authorities and conservation organizations have kept on winning the battle to private property and human settlings, further broadening the park limits in 1968 and 1974 to its current extension of 188 kms. The park is easily accessible, since Nakuru is the fourth city in the country and the head town of the Rift Valley. The Lake in the park is covered by the National park in the centre and a land strip around the northern, eastern and western shores, whereas southward the grounds extend farther to Makalia Falls, which is in the southern limit. The shores are surrounded by swamps which are the base for the birds that swam to sun bath and during the driest seasons disappear to give rise to huge white salt crusts. The reverie forest opens up southward in a bush and acacia tree in the savannah plantations.

Species: The Park is one of the greatest bird sanctuaries as the shores are populated with million flamingoes teeming algae of its alkaline waters, the park offers 450 different species of birds. The famous ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson defined it as “the greatest bird spectacle on earth”. It is also home for 56 species of mammals, which include carnivores such as lions and leopards, then buffaloes, warthog, waterbucks, Thompson’s gazelle. In 1987 the park was declared a sanctuary for the protection of the endangered Rhinos, allowing the re-introduction of specimens of both species, black and white. Here the visitor can easily find two of the five rhino species surviving in the world. About 550 different plant species are recorded including the unique and biggest euphorbia forest in Africa.

Activities : Game drive will be organized for you while you arrive at the park as part of the activities on the program on the itinerary and the view-points are Lion hill to search the big cat, Baboon cliff and a visit Makalia waterfalls.

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