Police officer dies after pro-Trump mob attack on US Capitol

A US Capitol police officer identifies as Brian Sicknick has died of his injuries after being attacked by pro-trump demonstrators.


Police reports that the officer, who recently served in the US Capitol Police (USCP) department’s first responders unit died of injuries he suffered while “physically engaging” with the mob that stormed the Capitol building.

Line of Casualties

Sicknick becomes the fifth recorded death in the chilling fallout of the attack, which was labeled an insurrection by Joe Biden. One woman demonstrator died after she was shot by the police, while three more people died in what police termed “medical emergencies.”


In a statement made by the police, details of the officer’s death were given as follows: “Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots … and was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He died on Thursday after being taken to hospital following his collapse upon returning to his divisional office.” The police later confirmed that his death will be investigated by metropolitan homicide officials along with the USCP and its federal partners.

Tragic loss

In the aftermath, Democratic leaders of the House appropriations committee released a statement lamenting the “tragic loss” of a Capitol police officer and stating that it “should remind all of us of the bravery of the law enforcement officers who protected us, our colleagues, congressional staff, the press corps and other essential workers during the hours-long takeover of the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters.”


Meanwhile, Donald Trump has belatedly called for an end to the violence. Although he stopped just short of conceding defeat, he acknowledged that there would be a change of administration on January 20, and that the transition will be peaceful. Trump’s appeal came more than 24 hours after he held a rally at the White House and urged his supporters to march on the Capitol and disrupt proceedings in the building. Till date, he has refused to apologize for his incendiary remarks.

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