What you should know about Estonia

Estonia is a small state in Europe that is often confused with Latvia or Lithuania.  Most people know this country only from the map of Europe. So here are five things you might want to know about Estonia.

A member country of the EU and the Schengen area

Estonia is a European state and a member of the European Union.  The country is also part of the Schengen area.  If you are not a national of the Schengen area, you will need a Schengen visa to visit this country.  However, if your home country has a Visa Waiver Program, you will need an ETIAS authorization.  For more details, please visit www.etias-visas.com.

Pioneer country in computer technologies

Estonia is a country whose skills in information technology are widely recognized.  Indeed, the country has developed many technological innovations such as Skype, e-residence, or e-voting.  Estonians can even vote online for the various electoral ballots.

An efficient internet network

Many countries around the world generally have a hard time accessing the Internet.  This reality doesn’t apply to Estonia since the country has a very efficient internet network.  The WiFi coverage gives you access to the Internet almost everywhere (and even in the forest).

 A fairly small population and a stable economy

Estonia has a total area of ​​45,000 km².  Despite this area, the country has only 1.3 million inhabitants.  Of these 1.3 million inhabitants, nearly 320,000 are of Russian origin.  Estonia is also in excellent fiscal shape.  Indeed, the debt-to-GDP ratio is quite low.  The unemployment rate of around 5% makes the country even more attractive.

Nature lovers

Nationals of Estonia have a very deep connection with nature.  One of their greatest passions is taking walks on the hiking trails.  Moreover, Estonia is made up 51% of forests.

To all this, we must add that Estonia is one of the most areligious countries in the world.  Indeed, more than 80% of the population does not believe in God.

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